Gay and Lesbian Couples Counseling

Gay and Lesbian couples are faced with the continued public debate regarding civil rights, specifically the right to marriage and the right to openly serve in the military.

The onslaught of negativity and misunderstanding can be deeply troubling, even painful as assumptions, accusations and disrespect are debated without regard to the human side of the issue. Being gay, bi sexual and lesbian in this political atmosphere leaves one vulnerable to policy wonks ranting about gay marriage leading to the demise of the family.

On an individual basis, how are you affected by this negativity? So often the hurt and insult are ignored or not even recognized. In this environment people attempt to adapt, as if it were normal.

How do you stay centered and protected during the on going debates? Learning self- care is a vital skill. To breath and stay focused, to be able to express yourself and to notice the impact on you are valuable skills. Staying strong and healthy is a powerful stance to take.

Therapy can assist you in strengthening your sense of well being. I offer counseling to g/b/l/t couples. Strengthening your relationships, making them strong and durable not only enhances your well being but is also a powerful political act. GBLT relationships are as strong and enduring as heterosexual marriages and counseling is helpful for all relationships.

For more information please call Laney Kibel LCSW 503 781 390

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