Touched by Adoption

Over the years I have been touched by the profound experiences adoptees have There are so many roads to travel, often without the support of knowing where you belong, to whom you belong. Not looking like anyone, not feeling apart of your adoptive family. Or perhaps feeling very connected to you family and guilty for being curious In my counseling practice in Portland Or, I work to explore the unmet needs and heretofore unspoken feelings regarding the status of being adopted. These are always profound stories and the feelings run deep.

In conversations with individuals, families and couples where adoption is a thread in their family history we consider the question of “the search.” Making the decision to start the search can be very complex. I will help walk you through the considerations and support you in making a choice that fits for you. I will also help you prepare for possible outcomes, be it successful reuniting or painful frustration of rejection or being blocked by bureaucratic regulations.

If you are interested in more information please contact Laney Kibel LCSW psychotherapist in Portland Oregon at [email protected]

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